Hi! My name is, easy to guess, Sebastian.

I live in Zurich, Switzerland and have recently finished my bachelor’s degree in Game Design at the Zurich University of the Arts.
Since then, I’m working as a freelance game developer for almost every platform using Unity 3D as my main development tool. So far, my experience covers desktop, web and mobile games. Recently, I’ve also had a look into augmented reality as well as regular app development using Titanium Studio.

Born in Berkeley CA, I soon came to Switzerland and have been living here since then.
After I got my first computer in young years, I soon started to create own levels and/or code for existing applications.
Some time later and together with a friend, I started the development of an RPG game called “Kindred of Nakhar”. Sadly, the ambitious project never got finished, but I used my knowledge to work for several other games as a 3D / Texturing artist.

In 2008, I finally decided to make my hobby my job and started my education at the Zurich University of the Arts.